Friday, November 15, 2013

Angels in Pick Up Trucks

November 7, 2013

Today Elder Kowalis and I went to bike to the top of our area to contact a less active member for Bishop Heilner.  It is a very long way to the top of our area.  It is also cold!  Cold enough that I don't break a sweat when wearing my winter coat over a sweater while biking across Texas!!  (Ironically, I am actually more cold tough than my companion from Utah!  Who knew a Cali-boy like me would enjoy the cold weather!)

Anyways, as we were biking a member of our church from the Frisco Ward drove by in his truck.  He was heading home from work, following the same route as always. He had been called in on Thursday, a day he generally does not work on.  He also happened to be driving a pickup truck!  So he pulled over and gave us and our bikes a lift.  (His name also happened to be Brandon!)  I know that the Lord works His ways not just through heavenly angels, but through earthly ones too!  So be on the lookout to help someone in need!

Love Y'all!

-Elder Hunt

Three Month Mark!

October 26, 2013

I can't believe it is my three month mark!  It feels as if yesterday was two months.  I look back on the calendar and wonder where all the time went.  Out the window!  I realized that I am 1/8th completed with my mission.  That makes it seem REALLY short.

The work is picking up now that Elder Kowalis is here.  He is a very good missionary and I have learned much from him.  Don't get me wrong, Elder Findlay was a good missionary but with Elder Kowalis, he has a different style approach to contacting that has seemed to be more effective.

By the way, Mission = Awesome.  It is what I am supposed to do right now.  I know this because I am so happy right now.  Yesterday, we met a new investigator, Andrew.  Today we met another new investigator Edward!  We worked a 75 hour week that I'll be writing more about...

I love you!

Elder Hunt