Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Companions!

June 8, 2015


So I found out today that one of my previous companions had to go home. He had some health issues that couldn't be treated out here. Today we got transfer calls, neither Elder Saxey nor I am being moved out of Lewisville 2nd ward yet we were asked to come to transfer meeting tomorrow. We suspect we will be combined with another area in the zone and be in a trio (three companions, us plus another elder) for the next 6 weeks. We will find out tomorrow. 

This is Graham with Elder Saxey on the left and Elder Anderson in the middle.  This is the new three some!
The whole mission is downsizing, with many missionaries leaving during the past three months and the next three months. A spanish speaking companionship that lived just down the street that we work closely with is in the same boat as us. 

A week ago we had a whole-mission training. The brethren have determined that our mission will use ipads in our proselyting efforts so we had training not about using the ipads, but on the gospel - living obediently, using technology to empower us and not control us. It was an excellent training given by Elder Nielson of the Seventy and Elder Wells. 

After the training, we had a mission-wide 5k run. I was just hoping to do decently given how little training I had been able to do. I ended up doing fine, Elder Sorensen, Elder Witkowski (two of my previous companions!) and I ran in a pack for a while till Elder Sorensen pulled ahead, Elder Witkowski fell a bit behind and I was left to chase Elder Sorensen, who finished a bit ahead of me. We did exceedingly well and I was pleased enough with how I ran (though by Trabuco Hills XC standards we were still awfully slow). It has been warming up here in Dallas.  The constant rains and storms have ceased and we now enjoy slowly climbing temperatures, this week rising from low 90s to mid to high 90s, not quite hitting that 100 mark yet. 


Well, that's a bit of what's going on. Hope y'all are staying strong.

I love you.
I love you.

-Elder Hunt

Remembering Him

June 1, 2015


Just wanted to say that I'm doing well.  The weather is warming up here too! 

I was reading in Mosiah chapter 1 where King Benjamin is teaching his sons.  In verses 4 and 5 he talks about how the scriptures were used to remind the parents of the commandments of the Lord, so that they can continue to keep them and teach them to their children. In chapter 18 of 3rd Nephi, the Lord gives the sacrament so that the Nephites might always remember Him. So much of what the Lord gives us helps us to not be distracted and remember him. I am glad to say that the Voyles are doing well, I feel because of this principle. I had some concerns but the Lord came through.

Love y'all!

-Elder Hunt

Eternal Family

May 25, 2015


This week has been rather swell, if I can use that word. We continue to be pummeled by storm and rain.  We no longer pay any heed to flood warnings. 

One of our families came to church this past Sunday and we were blessed with an excellent sacrament meeting with speakers who taught with power and meaning, inviting the spirit to join the congregation. We shall see how the Wells family will commit and keep commitments from now- I have good hope for them. 

Two other people also came to church to hear Sister Hurley speak and she did an excellent job indeed. With the Voyles, we are seeing much opposition and it is hard to see them struggle somewhat. Something I have noticed is that even when members of the church who are followers of Christ fall back to old ways, they reap the consequences - and such are always bitter. When people choose to not progress, they can either realise the error of their way and repent or they can deceive themselves into thinking they are fine and happy. 

I pray y'all continue to be blessed.  Soon we will be reunited. I am so glad to have y'all for eternal family!

-Elder Hunt

Around the World

May 18, 2015

Hey Y'all!

That's so cool that y'all are so much closer to our family in Australia- I really feel like our family is from around the world.  (We enjoyed a visit from Shane's Aunt and Uncle who are from Australia.)  Lots of people react quite surprised to hear I'll be returning to Tokyo, Japan after my mission.   I was thinking about how y'all would skype our distant family from the states- and we can use that technology to converse from thousands of miles away! It is amazing how blessed we are in these days with all the tools the Lord has given us to bring to pass righteousness.

We, too, had stake conference yesterday.  It was well attended with some very good speakers. Thanks for sending the pictures of Brandon.  If the other three guys he was with sum up the size of most kids in the area then Brandon is gigantic! 

Love ya!
-Elder Hunt