Friday, April 24, 2015

Missions are great!

Hey Y'all!

We had the Vern family over again to church yesterday. They really loved it. Please keep praying for them- that they will have a desire to change for Christ and commit to follow him. 

I really want to send y'all some good pictures.  I have many but I can't find a wifi network that isn't locked with a password. We have been holding our breath in anticipation of transfers coming up- we don't know what will happen. 

I love how much clarity and strength the Gospel of Christ has brought into my life. The Holy Ghost sharpens our minds so that we can penetrate the knots of confusion, deception, and misinformation - getting to the center of subjects many struggle with. Is there a God? Does he have a plan for me? What will happen to me when I die? What will happen to my family when they die? I know that God exists and desires for us to follow his plan for us. As we do so we secure the future of us and our families. I love you guys, there is much to catch up on and much to tell and relate to y'all. Missions are great!

Love y'all!

-Elder Hunt

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


April 13, 2015

Y'all have commented in your e-mails to me that you pray often for Elder Lindquist, I and the people we are teaching. Thank you for doing that. Those prayers work!  Yesterday a family we are teaching attended church for the first time  - Kieth, Catherine, Trinity and Cody! They enjoyed it, even with the un-culturally long church meetings us Mormons have. 

They invited us over for dinner afterward too. It has been a very long time since I have had investigators at church. It is exciting and uplifting to work with this family. They have been reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to know God's will for them through the Spirit. 

I am so blessed to be here at this time, enjoying being a part of our Father in Heaven's work and glory. I have always marveled at how God could do it all himself, it would be easier if he did not involve us. We make mistakes, we sin, we are not perfect in this work. Yet he allows us the chance to help in his work and in the process we grow and we become more like him. The whole purpose of this work is for us. Our progression is the purpose of this work. 

The great plan, the creation and fall of man, the sacrifice of His Son and subsequent resurrection, all things that exist are given to us by God to help us improve ourselves. Without all He has done, improving ourselves is impossible. I love him for it. I love y'all too, thank you for your prayers of faith. Thank you for your constant support that flows without ceasing. I love you.

-Elder Hunt


April 6, 2015


I really enjoyed listening to General Conference.  I was inspired to see that rather than wishing and hoping for different circumstances, I can be grateful for all I have been blessed with. I can rejoice in all that my God has blessed me to accomplish. 

Bishop Gerald Causee spoke yesterday of how all the prophets of old looked forward to today with great anticipation.  They anticipated the many countries the gospel would be preached in, the many temples that would be built, the many members all across the world, and the many missionaries out serving. Just like the Nephites who saw the sign of Christ's birth and only four years later reverted back to their old ways, no longer amazed at a sign or wonder from heaven, I realized I take all the success the Lord has blessed me with on my mission for granted. 

Bishop Causee invited us to never tire of discovery and rediscovery of the gospel. In other words- never take the gospel for granted. We have such great opportunities for joy in this life and eternal life in the world to come. We have clarity and understanding on so many topics confusing to the world. We enjoy an eternal perspective that allows us to choose to look unto Christ and find happiness in our hope in his divine atonement. 

We enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost, a great gift that allows us to be prompted at all time and in all places to do God's will. We have the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ and all He has done for us.  This book is filled with truth and learning that will help us if we receive and apply it. Kevin Pearson invited us to study the Book of Mormon every day, every day, every day. He promised that we would be granted strength to endure through dificult times.

I know that as we pray honestly and sincerly to our Father in Heaven, read diligently from the Book of Mormon, and obey his commandments so that the adversary has no power over us; we will have strength to endure. Simply going to church each week will not be enough. We must take this gospel into our hearts. We must live it individually, and in our family circles. I love y'all and y'all are in my prayers. 
Got to go y'all, 
Please know I love you.
-E Hunt

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Powerful Lessons

March 30, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,
We have had quite a week.  Two main things have happened. 

First- we had an amazing training on planning and teaching. They had all the mission leadership go down to meet with two men from the missionary department who taught a new method of teaching/finding to us from the twelve. Apparently the bretheren really want missionaries to teach shorter, more powerful lessons and do less talking. We will go through and present a pamphlet asking questions, inviting people to read text boxes or paragraphs and have them do all the thinking and talking. We basically don't get in the Spirit's way of teaching and testifying. This isn't a complete overhaul of missionary work but is a new tool in our toolbox we can use to find and gather the elect. We have already seen an increase in receptiveness and others feeling the Spirit as we do this. 

Second - Unfortunately we have hit some roadbumps with the people we are teaching. Our dificulty is helping them to attend church. We had three families who said they would come yet not one person showed. So that is where we are at.
I love you guys. Have an awesome week!
Elder Graham Hunt