Sunday, June 14, 2015

Eternal Family

May 25, 2015


This week has been rather swell, if I can use that word. We continue to be pummeled by storm and rain.  We no longer pay any heed to flood warnings. 

One of our families came to church this past Sunday and we were blessed with an excellent sacrament meeting with speakers who taught with power and meaning, inviting the spirit to join the congregation. We shall see how the Wells family will commit and keep commitments from now- I have good hope for them. 

Two other people also came to church to hear Sister Hurley speak and she did an excellent job indeed. With the Voyles, we are seeing much opposition and it is hard to see them struggle somewhat. Something I have noticed is that even when members of the church who are followers of Christ fall back to old ways, they reap the consequences - and such are always bitter. When people choose to not progress, they can either realise the error of their way and repent or they can deceive themselves into thinking they are fine and happy. 

I pray y'all continue to be blessed.  Soon we will be reunited. I am so glad to have y'all for eternal family!

-Elder Hunt

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