Monday, February 24, 2014

Doing Immensely Better

February 24, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Thanks for y'alls concern. I am pleased to write that I am doing immensely better. I have now been adjusted by Brother Lopez, a chiropractor in our ward, three times.  Almost all the ill effects of my bike crash on my back are near dissipated.  I can sleep on my left side just fine now; and I can almost sleep on my right side. When vertical, it feels as if nothing is wrong at all, so day to day missionary work is fine. I am not the first missionary that Brother Lopez has fixed.  The Elder that I "replaced" (Elder Sharp's last companion) had similar back issues and Brother Lopez helped him out, too. The most amazing thing: he does it as a service to us missionaries. Plus I have healed really quick, so thank you for your prayers each and every one of you!

Transfer calls are this Saturday. Elder Sharp and I will find out who stays and who goes. Elder Sharp thinks I am leaving and I think Elder Sharp is leaving- 

I keep hearing about droughts in California, is it really that bad or is it just media hype?

I hope y'all know I love you and pray for you

Elder Hunt

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