Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fantastic Frisco!

March 3, 2014

Elder Sharp and I are together still!

So transfer calls came and we will still be in Frisco yet!  Moreover, the work picked up right before the end of the transfers.  We have found people who might be interested in learning about Christ and his Gospel. Better yet- we actually have people we are teaching now!  Will and Nancy, friends of a family in the ward have been asking tons of questions, so this family had Will and Nancy and us missionaries over for dinner.  By the end we taught most of the restoration and plan of salvation and answered many, many questions. 

They do, however, live in different ward boundaries which means that although they are taking the discussions in the home of the Sonnes, soon we will refer them to the missionaries down where they live. 

As to my back: last night I was able to sleep on my right side for the first time in weeks without dull pain keeping me awake, so I am much healed : )

Funny story on the I-shuffle: apparently I interpreted the e-mail wrong. There are apparently missionaries with tablets and other electronics that are not their cameras or music playing devices (such as CDs or iPods).  The note to send electronics home is about those electronics. We are allowed to have things like an Ipod with uplifting music. So, one thing that I would enjoy in my birthday package would be for y'all to upload all your favorite Mormon Tabernacle Choir and other good stuff on it.

(Graham is such a great young man.  He thought the mission president had asked them to send home any electronic device so he promptly sent home the I-shuffle he had with music on it!  Now we can load some more music on it for him before we send it back!!)

I love you all!!
I mean y'all!!! hahaha..
-Elder Hunt

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