Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moving Missionaries

September 8, 2014

Hello Y'All,

Well, things are moving.

Mike, our new investigator (who had a baptismal date) dropped us last Saturday. We had a member with us who brought up the Word of Wisdom too soon in his progression. We do hope to meet with him later this week.

David was at church with us again.  He wore a collared shirt and a tie and we taught him how to tie a tie before heading to church. Given Word of Wisdom issues, we probably will push his baptismal date back.  Nonetheless, he is progressing so I'm pleased with that.

Texas Dallas Mission was chosen to pilot a new program for the church. Referrals have been done over the phone but a new computer based program is what we are working with now. The plan is for us to use it and help work out all the bugs and give feedback ect. Once all the issues are fixed the program will be implemented world wide.

Have a great week everyone! Love to all y'all!

-E Hunt

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