Monday, November 17, 2014

To My Parents

October 21, 2014

Dear Fadre, 

I am blessed above celebrities, politicians, and princes to have you as my father. Serving this mission has exposed my mind to the fullness of the world and my appreciation has grown deeper. I see too much despair; too many broken families. The Gospel of Christ can fix so many needless problems but people are not always willing to commit, seek help, or even accept it. Some people seem to see it all as a fairy tale - that loving, unified families exist only in the movies, and only old movies at that. So thank you for loving God most; that your love for Madre, Brandon and I remains strong.

Elder Hunt

Wow Madre!

Can you feel the wisdom and experience? (I celebrated my 50th birthday this past week.)

It was delightful for me to see all those pictures- thank you for doing that for me. I do have to say that you and Fadre don't look so old as being in the fifties. It is wonderful to see and hear that you are doing so well back home. 

I am glad to say that I too am doing quite well. Henderson is challenging as areas go but Elder Clark and I have noticed a pickup- we are finding lost sheep! We hope to help the ward build it'self up.  I realize I have not been the best at sending pictures to y'all- the computers here don't have a port for this 8gb "memory stick pro duo" and the SD converter doesn't read it so I will find a solution somehow!  

Love you, 

Elder Hunt

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