Monday, November 17, 2014

"Meet the Mormons"

October 14, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,

Well, I am sad to leave Palestine, but Henderson is the least drastic change possible.
Henderson is slightly smaller than Palestine, however it is very well kept. 

We (Elder Clark and I) cover two counties- Rusk county and Panola county. I have known Elder Clark throughout my mission- from Frisco and even Plano wayayayay back eons ago. He has been serving his mission a bit over 21 months out so we suspect that I will be sending him off home as his final companion come mid December. 

Elder Clark is from Holliday, Utah. He is a fellow geek like me so we enjoy talking about all kinds of stuff- including stories we have both come up with. We were double-transferred into Hendy (my nickname for this town) and it has been a slow start. 

Several storms have hit since we arrived. They have all hit around 6:30 am (always after our alarm goes off) with resounding thunder that shakes the windows and they rattle in their place. I think God has been very merciful not to have the thunder booming before that time- it is louder by far than our alarm and I love my sleep! 

This past week President Taylor showed us the movie "Meet the Mormons". If you want an inspirational feel good movie watch it- it is really good! 

-Elder Hunt

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