Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ride Hard, Have Fun, Honour God

February 24, 2015

Well, we have had an ice storm blow in last night and today- there has been freezing rain. I am a bit disappointed because it has been a rather wimpy ice storm, however it has made things difficult.  The bad part is that it got above freezing today and the ice melted and is now re-freezing on us. Tomorow morning more freezing rain is expected so we will see what happens. Don't worry, Madre I am completely safe and warm and dry and the clothing and gear I came out with is plenty enough to keep me warm through it all. 

We went on excellent exchanges this past week.  I was with an Elder Schow and Elder Sorensen with an Elder Powell and we had great learning experiences. Elder Sorensen and I have realized a pattern: When we go out and talk to everyone we see and throw ourselves into the work we can turn bad days into good ones. Talking to people and sharing this gospel makes me feel good, and I love that. I love you all too, and pray for you and hope for the best for y'all. Elder Sorensen and I have been striving to pray more often- we have seen a new spirit come into the work with doing so.

Back in Henderson, there was a "cowboy church" (cowboy themed church) called Bar None Cowboy Church. They had a billboard up with their slogan: "Ride hard, Have fun, Honour God." Elder Witkowski and I thought it was hillarious- but now that I am on a bike it is very appropriate to what we are doing.

Love Y'all!!!

-Elder Hunt

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