Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell to President Durrant

June 16, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, last Friday I met with President Durrant for the last time. He talked about how the mission is like going to a concert. We pay top dollar to sit right in front of the stage, yet sometimes we sit in the back. Sometimes we sit in the bathroom the whole time, and we can't even hear the concert. Others will go off to the concession stand and get a two buck hot dog where they can't even see the concert, giving up a five hundred dollar experience for a two buck hot dog. It was a pretty good analogy for missions. The more you give, the more you get out of it. 

President Durrant also showed us a video of our new, incoming mission president (PresidentTaylor) passing him the basketball during a BYU basketball game, as well as some other basketball game clips of President Durrant that we missionaries have been dying to see our whole missions. He also showed a clip from a General Conference way back when he spoke about deciding to serve a mission. He had thought the Mormon Tabernacle choir was done singing and was walking up to the podium as they began another verse. Realizing he was in a jam- Elder Faust of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles let him sit on his lap until the song ended.  This was caught on camera by the crew doing the usual filming of the Mormon Tabernacle singing! Two other apostles leaned over and shook the young Durrant's hand and gave him thumbs up! The video was hilarious to watch. 

President and Sister Durrant also answered any questions we had at the end and gave much good advice for life. To end, we sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and then everyone wanted pictures with them. It was the last time any of us would see them because they leave in three weeks. I have grown considerably on the mission and so I thought I would try to stand as tall as President. Well, I am not quite there, but hey I'm close. (No, I am not standing on my toes!) 

Unfortunately none of our scheduled lessons went through this week. Thank you for all your prayers, they yielded fruit: we do have an appointment with one of them today as it was bumped back from last week. 

It is warming up now. This summer has been extremely mild, with much well received rain. Locals predict it will get hotter later, but by August we will inevitably reach those wonderful 100 degree fahrenheit with 100% humidity days. But if there was ever a summer to have in the middle of my mission, this is probably a good one. 

Lastly, I needed to tell y'all that I love y'all. All your prayers do help, the Lord does strengthen me when I need to do things that I cannot, but He can. I am praying for each of you. 

Elder Hunt

P.S.  Texas has some food all it's own!  This is Chicken Fried Steak!!!!! So they take a steak and batter it like a chicken and deep fry it also like chicken but it's a steak! In the bowl top center is one of my favorite foods! Fried Okra.  Okra is a kind of vegetable maybe like a pepper or cucumber or tomato or maybe it's just it's own heavenly thing.

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