Monday, June 9, 2014

"City of Churches"

June 9, 2014

My first week in Palestine we spent driving all over the county, focusing on meeting as many of the members of our congregation as possible. This past week we have almost exclusively spent in the city of Palestine. And for the first time on my mission, we are finding people to teach. 

We have found three new people to teach this week alone! We have also met some other potential investigators. We are meeting with (names are changed, just so you know)  Larry on Thursday, and Katherine and John on Saturday. This is good! 

Palestine is called the "City of Churches" with something like 140 plus churches in the town. Religion is in the culture here and people are much more "laid back" and willing to hear us out. So- I am super excited!

And about my good fellow companion, Elder Heward - he is from Tooele, a small town in Utah.  He grew up on a welfare farm for our church. He goes home in a month and a half! 

We have rain today, which we are very happy to have beat the mercury back down into the milder sections of the thermometer. Not only that- I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes while tracting this past week.  Elder Heward (lucky man) doesn't even have one bite! Thankfully the bites do not itch but because West Nile virus is carried by some mosquitos, I got some heavy duty deet bug spray and a pound and a third of garlic cloves. So I'm hoping to change that...

Well, I love you, pray for you, and hope your coming week goes well!

-Elder Hunt

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