Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Cute Puppy Joins Elder Hunt

June 23, 2014


This is Jackson. On a companion exchange this past week, I was with Elder Stadman in Palestine. We were out tracting neighborhoods and came across Jackson sitting in one of the yards. Jackson came up to us and we did the usual "aw hello little doggie" routine. Yet as we moved on door to door, Jackson followed us. Jackson started accompanying us to the doorsteps, sitting down next to us as we stood. Unfortunately, Jackson did not help us get in any doors- but he was really good morale support and made things more interesting.

This year is fixin' to be nice and cool. We have received much rain the past weeks, even rain today as I type. This keeps things cooler and many predict we won't hit hundreds for another month or so. So it's a very nice summer to be the summer stuck right in the middle of my mission! Anyway, this is a picture of some clouds that preceded a dark storm cloud.

Elder Heward and I have been visiting various families that are not actively attending church this past week. Surprising to me, there are many who talk a great talk, insomuch that they seem to be active members, yet do not even act to attend church on Sunday.  So we do what we can to encourage and invite.

Elder Heward received his "trunky papers" a few days ago. (Elder Heward will be returning home at the next transfer.) The trunky papers are your itinerary and instructions on what to do and how to prepare to leave the mission.  It is stuff like flight info, schedule for your last day in Texas, etc. Having him so close to leaving has helped me realize how short the mission is. Last transfer cycle back in Frisco with Elder Wheelhouse was the fastest of my mission, this transfer makes that one feel like rafting down a river of molasses.

I am glad to hear all is well. I pray it remains so.

Love Y'all!

Elder Hunt

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