Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things Are Looking Brighter!

August 11, 2014

Dear Family,

Wonderful news!

David was with us again at church yesterday!!

He also seemed more relaxed than he has been in the past.

On Friday all the missionaries of East Texas met with President Taylor. He trained us on the "How" of member missionary work. This training answered many questions I have had for a long time, that no one has been able to give me straight answers for. It also gave me new perspective on my role as a missionary.

Dad, you have some competition.  Elder Osborn is an adept pun-er and it is so much fun to hear puns again it reminds me of you. Last Saturday we were helping a new member of the ward move in.  One of the members of the Elders quorum commented to me that my lifting technique was excellent. After thanking him, I thought back to you, teaching Brandon and I how to lift properly. Even though Brandon and I would at times become exasperated when you taught us things, we did and do listen. Dad, thank you for taking time to teach my brother and I, both scheduled and opportunistic. I love you. 

Overall, things are looking brighter here in Texas. I am excited to apply the new things I have learned.

Love all yall!

-Elder Hunt

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