Monday, August 25, 2014

Chicago Dogs and Oz Dogs

August 25, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Osborn and I both made our own unique hot dogs. Elder Osborn has family living in Norway, and up there they wrap a hotdog in bacon and put french fried onions on it. We call it the "Oz dog". 

I have found a unique hotdog myself. A Chicago dog is a hot dog with poppyseed on the bun, chopped onion, relish, tomato, a slice of pickle, hot peppers, mustard, and a dusting of paprika. Apparantly the combo comes from Chicago and I am glad it wandered it's way down south to Texas! 

I love working with Elder Osborn.  He has energy, cracks a good joke, and is very easy to get along with. With him, we have really made headway with several families in the ward. It's cool to catch a glimpse of maybe why the Lord sends an Elder to a certain town. I can truly say that we are meant to be here -and now- in Texas! 

David came to church AGAIN this week!!! He seems more comfortable each week. 

Something very interesting about the move to Japan: I had always considered California as just a place I lived.  California is where I came from but not what defined me. Then when I found out about the move, I thought I would never get to go back nor see any of my old family and friends and I will admit to a bit of sadness. So I guess I do have a bit of attachment. But then I thought: hey- I can visit! So no more sadness. (Our family is moving to Japan for a new job assignment with Disney.)

On the contrary, I am loving life. Every so often I like to tell Elder Osborn how good life is and monologue on the details and big picture alike. 

*disclaimer* The mission is an emotional roller coaster - filled with progressions upward and quick descents. And just like any roller coaster- it is fun! *end disclaimer*

Love y'all so much!


-Elder Hunt

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