Monday, August 4, 2014

Batman and Robin

August 4, 2014

My Dear Family and Friends,

This week on Batman- the dynamic duo saw some dyn-a-matic changes and surprises.

David did not attend church this week.  He went to another church with Miss Johnson and some other friends. I figure he's attended the past three weeks and plans to attend with us again this coming Sunday, so that's fair. I hope that he will notice the difference between the churches and realize that the best place for him to be is in Sacrament Meeting. We meet with him tomorrow so we will see.

I have enjoyed driving the Batmobile around.  Yes, I am designated as the driver. I have been making the most of the car's manual shifting option and have become proficient at using the manual gear-style.

We also will begin teaching an adopted girl whose family has now won full-custody of her. She wants to be baptized and her family wants her to be baptized but the adoption needed to be completed. Now that the legal stuff is taken care of she can be baptized!

We also ran into the Riddler and he asked us this, "I have one face and three hands, the longer my hand the faster I can move it- the shorter my hand the slower I move it. People are always looking to me to tell them one thing- what am I?"

Batman (Elder Osborn) and I figured out the riddle- can y'all?

We ran into the Joker and he told us, "I found out today that my toaster wasn't waterproof- I was shocked!"

Well, my dear family- I love all y'all!

Have fun back home in the Marvel universe!!!

-Elder Hunt

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