Monday, February 9, 2015

A Jewel in the Crown of Blessings

February 3, 2015


This Monday morning I found out that I will be transferred tomorrow morning. I do not find out where I am being transferred to or who I will be companions with until tomorrow morning. I am sad to leave Henderson, I feel as if I just arrived here and now I am so soon leaving it behind. I will miss Elder Witkowski - he has been an excellent companion.   

If it were up to me I would that I might stay longer, but the Lord has more wisdom than I. Wherever I have found myself, whatever has happened to me, all things have been for my benefit as long as I learn from them. I know that the missionary the Lord brings into Henderson is who is needed at this time, and I too am now needed elsewhere. So long as I can continue in doing God's will, it doesn't matter where He sends me. 

I'll admit when I opened up my mission call to Texas it took me off guard. I wasn't exactly excited at the prospect of spending two years in Dallas. It was rather ignorant and immature of me to feel that way; serving here has been a jewel in the crown of blessings God has placed upon my head. 

Over the past two weeks Elder Witkowski and I have seen many miracles, events that many would dismiss as coincidence or luck. I know that we have been led by the hand of God. Elder Witkowski and I have a solid investigator now! He is a man by the name of Matthew, who has kept the commitment to read and seek God's direction in regard to the Book of Mormon. It is amazing to see the Spirit of God work in the hearts of people, but there are many outside pressures against those promptings. Matthew nearly didn't meet with us last Saturday and was about to send us away, but changed his mind. We were able to meet and Elder Witkowski was able to share his perspective and some of his story as a convert from Catholicism. Truly this is the Lord's work, for without the Holy Spirit it would be impossible.

Yesterday at church was a wonderful experience for me, especially now given that I know I will be leaving. Several people bore testimony who never had before. One of the youth bore his testimony and invited the other youth to also bear testimony, saying that it wasn't only for adults. In gospel principles class we taught about the fast and fasting with a purpose. One of the sisters had never even heard of fasting with a purpose! We have been having wayside members coming back to activity - slowly. 

All in all it's just like you taught me, Fadre: "leave it better than you found it." 

I am so grateful for all I have learned here in Henderson, I am so glad of all the Lord has taught me on my mission. Now I must be changed by it. It is easy to hear of Christ and see His influence and understand His Gospel but how about go and become like Christ? I'm still working on it and will be, until God tells me I am perfected in Christ, having any particle of desire for sin uprooted out of me. I write boldly on this computer but the man typing these words is just a nineteen year old kid. 

I could not amount to such aspirations on my own. It is impossible, I have many weaknesses and faults to overcome. Nevertheless I know that through my Savior, Lord, and Redeemer all of humanity can be changed, transformed from evil to righteousness and from hate to love. We can't change others but we can with Jesus' grace and atonement change ourselves- and just as a softer metal cannot cut a harder metal, we must become strong in the faith of Christ for God to use us as a tool in His hands to help shape or influence others. We must first be changed to change others. That is completely within our power to accomplish. So it all starts with you and me. And that's why I feel I need to follow Jesus Christ.

My family I love you,

Elder Hunt

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