Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy in Lewisville

February 10, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Last Tuesday I was transferred to Lewisville,TX.   It is right on the border of our mission (again, seems they love to do this to me) and it is very similar to Frisco and Plano where I served before.  

My new companion is Elder Sorensen, from Fillmore, Utah and he has been on his mission for three months - soon to be four. Our ward mission leader is Brother Larsen, who I formerly knew as Elder Larsen, the Texas Dallas Mission vehicle coordinator. The man who called y'all to let y'all know where I am is Brother Loschen, one very dedicated ward missionary. 

We are on bikes here in this area which I am glad of. Coming back into the metroplex reminds me once again that Dallas is not Texas but a piece of California that was picked up and dropped right next to Fort Worth. Yesterday at church many ward members reacted in many different ways once they heard me talk! 

Last night we had the great blessing of teaching Tristan and Isabelle, both friends of a girl in this ward.  They both have come to church in our ward many times and both are very interested in learning more. However, they both live in the Fort Worth mission so we will be having them get in contact with those missionaries and have them taught by the proper missionaries. Nevertheless, they are both prepared and received the lesson very well.
Our mission is begining an initative to focus on family history work as a way to bring less actives back to activity, keep our converts, and hastening the gathering of the elect. We have been asked as part of this to ask y'all (my family) for any stories, photos, or other family history y'all know. Turning our hearts to our ancestors helps people think on an eternal perspective, not just here and now. Using this will add power and meaning to our teaching of the doctrine of eternal families and temple work. So if yall have any interisting stories, names, photos yall could share with me that would help immensely!
I am so happy to be here in Lewisville - this is where I need to be right now! I hope that each one of y'all are happy where you are. God leads us and guides us so that we can do good and bring to pass much righteousness - as long as we are willing to follow his direction. Even a flat tire on a bike or a car can lead to you meeting people you can uplift or share the gospel with. Difficult cirumstances or frustrating setbacks can lead to spiritual growth if we work to over come them. No matter what happens, the Lord has promised that all things shall be for our benefit.
-Elder Hunt

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