Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bomb-Proofing the Book of Mormon

September 23, 2013

Elder Findlay and I are still in the same area, so you can order the shoulder bag and have it delivered to our address.  Thank you for taking the time to research and find me a good bag.  I cannot wait to bomb-proof my Book of Mormon!  Ballistic nylon...heheheheheh..... (I ordered Graham a shoulder/messenger bag that is made of ballistic nylon which is water proof and very tough!)

John is our only investigator.  He was brought to church by a friend.  Finding people to teach is difficult here.  I would imagine the same is true in Southern California.  My mission president, President Durrant, asked at a recent conference for every person to ask one person this: "Would you be willing to listen to a brief presentation about God and His plan for your happiness?"  I would ask you to do a favor for me by doing a favor for the missionaries in your area.

I love you!

                                    -Elder Hunt

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