Monday, January 13, 2014

Windy, Wet Weather

January 13, 2014

Dear Family,

The missionary choir sounds like fun, I wish I got to do that here in the Texas Dallas Mission.  (Yesterday, we had the most amazing sacrament meeting.  The California Irvine mission has started a missionary choir and the 60 member choir came to our sacrament meeting and presented the most inspiring program through song and testimony.  One of the choir leaders was Elder Risk, an Elder who had served in our ward and had encouraged Graham in his missionary preparations.)  I remember Elder Risk, he is the missionary I look up to the most of all I have ever met, both before and during my mission.

Texan weather is nonsensical.  We went from very cold, humid sprinkling rain that made my hands get thick and hard to move  to humid, almost warmish drizzling rain like Hong Kong during the monsoon rainy season. (Yes, I do remember the way the monsoon rainy season felt from when we lived there.) Then we had beautiful, even cool tempatures with a light breeze and yesterday we had winds so strong you had to brace against them as you stood or walked. Now today, it is not quite as windy, not quite as rainy, not quite as cold, not quite as humid, not quite as wet- back to normal? What even is normal? I don't even know what normal weather is here in Texas in January! 

This month of January is the month I hit my six month mark!  It has come sooner than I expected.  The last month with Elder Sharp has especially flown by.  Time goes by much faster than it did back home...

Love ya,
Elder Hunt

P.S.  On my P-day, we often play disc golf!  This picture is from last week:

From left to right Elder Garner (Frisco 2&6) Alex (from the YSA branch) Elder Sharp (my jolly companion) Elder West (Frisco 2&6 with Elder Garner)

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