Monday, January 27, 2014

To Families of the Hunt Clan and other Kin

January 27, 2014

**Disclaimer** This is just me venting a little about weather; I really don't have anything to complain about.  Zak has been on a bike up in Idaho and it's MUCH colder up there.  After all, our cold comes from their cold moving south.  (Zak is Graham's friend who is serving a mission in Idaho.)

Dear families of the Hunt clan and other kin,

Yesterday was a warm, nice calm day with a high in the low seventies; the birds did chirp and the missionaries did enjoy.

Then a cold front approached from the north..

Today is a cold, windy day with a high of thirty-eight; the ravens screech as they are tossed to and fro and the missionaries don't enjoy it.

Something about being out in Texas' bipolar (summer one day and winter the next), hormonal (Texas is famous for lightning storms), moody (it's never in the middle, always going from one extreme to another), schizophrenic (once went from overcast and warm with no wind, to clear skies and cold wind in less than 10 hours. Yes, I counted) climate that has caused this Southern California boy (who always thought 66 degrees fahrenheit and sunny was SO FREEZING COLD) to not really care what it's like outside. 

Enough of that.

So last Saturday Elder Sharp and I were tracting and we started talking to one man and he let us in! He has a very interesting belief ideology. He essentially is a Jew (of Levite descent) who believes in Christ and the New Testament. He believes that when Christ said the law (of Moses) was fulfilled it referred only to part of the law (the various sacrifices symbolizing Christ as performed by the holders of the Aaronic priesthood) so the portions dealing with clean and un-clean foods and others he still observes. He also observes Shabbat which is the Jewish sabbath observed on Saturday. He loved talking with us and we will return Saturday to meet with him again! 

So life is great, the work is great, and God is great!

-Elder Hunt

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