Monday, January 20, 2014

Making a Difference

January 20, 2014

Here in Texas, Elder Sharp and I have been working with some great people.  We have two investigators: Carl and Tim who are both almost to the point of baptism and all the lessons have been taught to them. 

One of the cool things as a missionary is you get to see people learn of the Gospel and you get to see it make a difference in their lives! You see changes in people, although nobody goes around doing miracles like healing physical sickness.  The miracles today are emotional and mental wounds and diseases being healed, it is more subtle but just as profound. It is a blessing to my life to serve God. 

Brandon, I want you to make wise decisions and surround yourself with good people so that you can have this great opportunity of serving Christ should you choose to. If you have not yet decided if you want to or should serve a mission I would recommend that you ask God if you will not be happier in doing so. 

So I have some news for y'all! With transfers this week, some big changes have occurred with Elder Sharp and I . Elder Sharp and I are still together, but we have lost the YSA branch to another pair of elders. We are very sad about that. Furthermore, we lose our car and will be on bikes now. Even more sad. But enough of the downheartening news! Elder Sharp and I now get to focus on the Frisco 3rd ward, we are on bikes- so plenty of excercise and cardio! And Elder Sharp has been made district leader!!! So that makes every single one of my companions district leader while I was their companion (Elders Findlay, Kowallis, and Sharp). 

There are plenty of changes around in the district too. Elder Garner has left and a new elder (I forgot his name) replacing him will get here Tuesday. Carl and Tim (both in the young single adult branch) are both sooooo close to being baptized. Carl even has his interview complete! All that is needed is to make a program and fill the font. And Tim (who was previously fence sitting) told us he wants to be baptized and we are coordinating that. Unfortunately (for us) they are both in the YSA branch so we turn them over to other elders.  

We have no investigators in the Frisco 3rd ward despite spending most of our time this past 6 weeks doing work for that area. Well, I guess it is time to find someone - or be blessed with a miracle referral. 

I discovered something called Museli.  It is oatmeal but has many delicious things like rice puffs, sunflower seeds, almond bits, cranberries, raisins, various chopped nuts and much more! I put it in a bowl with milk before I go to bed,  it sits overnight in the fridge and I eat it in the morning and thus it is quick, cheap AND delicious! So life is great, the work is great, and God is great!

-Elder Hunt

p.s. Madre thanks for sending the little gift bag with the Mullins.  It was great talking with them. Thank you for sending me the okonomyaki recipe and other recipes too! I am so surprised that I could live off of oatmeal, rice and beans and spaghetti for 6 months and only just now be getting tired of it. (I exaggerate by the way.)  

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