Monday, April 7, 2014

The best way we serve our Father in Heaven is by being a positive influence on others ...

April 7, 2014

Dear Family,

I want to send you the video of an insane hailstorm we had, but I cannot find it's location on the camera card, so I will just describe it to you.

Elder Sharp and I had just stepped inside our apartment, to grab a few things before heading back out to go to an appointment. When we walked in the door to our apartment, there was no rain, no precipitation what so ever outside.  Moments afterward, we started hearing plinking against the window and the wall.  We stepped outside to find hail the size of golf balls flying down at terminal velocity!  Car alarms were blaring and the sound was intense as hail struck concrete, metal fences, apartment buildings, and air conditioning units. It was an expression of God's power the likes of which I had never before witnessed. Truly He provided, for if we had been caught out in the open, we would have been hurt.  Many roads do not have shelter at the side.  It was intense! 

General Conference was no less intense.  (Our church hosts a worldwide meeting called General Conference twice a year where our prophet and apostles speak and give direction specific for our day.  You can see it on  We watched a part of General Conference at the home of the Mullins, with Courtney.  Richard G. Scott answered the question and prayer I went into conference asking. He said, "The best way we can serve our Father in Heaven is by being a positive influence on others and serving them."  While a very broad statement, to me it was as precise as the scalpel.

My family I love you, I hope y'all know that!
Please stay safe both physically and spiritually!

-Elder Hunt

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