Monday, March 31, 2014

An Infinitesimal Speck of Time

March 31, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

General conference is this week!

I'm very excited to see it, and it feels as if last conference was not long ago...

Last Saturday we taught Courtney about the Word of Wisdom.  (The Word of Wisdom is our health code and includes not drinking alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs.)  She had some questions and concerns but at the end she totally understood why it is so important. Brother and Sister Mullin were there with us as well!  It is so cool to get to teach, work, attend church, etc. with someone so closely connected with back home. (Brother Mullin grew up in our area in California and his parents attend our congregation.)  That truly is a blessing! 

My back is fine and has been for weeks- thankfully!  I did get Grandma Pat's birthday package so if she asks- y'all know. Pretty soonish it'll be Mother's Day, Madre! (On Mother's Day, all the missionaries get to call home to their mothers.  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this coming Mother's Day!)

I suppose I should make one comment about my birthday.  Today I turn 19, next year I'll turn 20 and then there will only be four months until I return home!  D:  So often the mission suddenly will seem like an infinitesimal speck of time. 

Brandon must be doing quite amazing, I don't know how relatively high eleven and a half feet is but that sounds huge! And a double PR is insane!!!!!!! (Brandon is a pole vaulter for his high school's track and field team.)  Yet he isn't the only one clearing new heights! I can now hit my head on a 6'5" pole by just simply standing there!  Heheheheh..

Well, thank you for all your well-wishes and support!

I saw this on a sign on a house the other day:

"May the angels protect you,
trouble neglect you,
your neighbors respect you,
and heaven accept you."

Love Ya!
-Elder Hunt

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