Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Posting in Palestine

May 27, 2014
The long road to Palestine, Texas

Well, I was fixin' tuh git transferred....
I got transferred.

I was sent to Palestine, TX. Thrown in a van with ten other missionaries and shipped two hours east to Tyler, TX  whereupon Elder Heward and Brother Dunmon picked me up and brought me down here!  Took sumthin' such as an hour and a half. The entire trip looked much like this photo above exceptin' the small towns we passed through.  Brother Dunmon has a "True Texan Truck" - a Ford F-350 (which means it has an one ton engine) with an extended cab, extended side mirrors, power stoke, and those double back wheels. They don't put horses under the hoods of those vehicles; they put Longhorn Cattle!  Murica'! (Translation: America!)  It was rainstormin' all day, with strong winds, and even with Brother Dunmon's huge truck the wind pushed us side to side as it smote the left side of the truck during one strech of the ride on a bridge over Lake Palestine. We don't cover part of a city here, we cover all of Andersen County!   We also have a car, a white Chevy Maliboat-- I mean Malibu.   I'm afraid I don't have many pictures as I havn't even been here 24 hours yet but I'm sure I will next week. 


Love Y'all!

-Elder Hunt

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