Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foundational Actions that Build Our Faith in Christ

May 5, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

"From Elder Wheelhouse: VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE!!!!! "

Elder Wheelhouse and I are busy.  This past week we met with Jane.  She talked about how she felt she often made poor decisions such as not coming to church or "flaking out" on other things related to the gospel. We shared how faith in Christ makes a difference in our lives.  We taught her how to build faith in Christ: church attendance, prayer, and scripture study. These three foundational actions build our faith in Christ and strengthen us to make the right decisions and be more obedient to God. 

We also met with JD and Sister Ramirez. Sister Ramirez is a member, however her husband is not.  He once had some missionary discussions long ago, so we are focusing on having him read, pray and attend church so he can "experiment upon the word." Church attendance might take some time given he works Sundays but we'll get there. 

We got to leave the mission again yesterday!!!!! Stake conference was outside of the mission boundaries, so we got to head off to Denton, Texas.  Stake Conference was in the University of North Texas campus basketball gym so that was fun. 

While personally searching the scriptures, I have started writing down something meaningful from each verse in the Book of Mormon. While doing this I have learned some things I have not yet ever heard nor realized. In 1 Nephi chapter 2 verses 20 to the end of the chapter Nephi received some wonderful promises from the Lord.  I thought about what qualified him to receive such blessings?  I found the answer in verses 16-20, wherein Nephi expressed his efforts to live an honest life in the face of challenges.  Each verse demonstrates Christ-like attributes that Nephi possessed like faith, hope, love, and humility.  Because Nephi strived to meet his challenges in a Christ-like way,  he was blessed so exceedingly. 

Love Y'all!

-Elder Hunt

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