Monday, July 21, 2014

The Gospel Blesses Families

July 21, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Good news: David was with us at church again this week! We taught him the Plan of Salvation on Saturday.  It is one of my favorite lessons to teach because as you share the scriptures and information about it, people's minds kick into high gear. 

The next day at church in third hour it was brought up in class that smoking was looked down upon as we read from "The Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith" and included a story about smoking. David does smoke and we hadn't taught the Word of Wisdom yet. He was expressively surprised, so I asked the teacher if we could explain why Mormons don't smoke. It was a perfect setting for an initial introduction to the Word of Wisdom. With so many men in the room, some of whom are converts and overcame smoking, many put their input in as to why we have the Word of Wisdom. After the lesson, a few of the men came up and talked with David about it. One thing I've learned on the mission is that most people who smoke don't want to and have tried to quit before. Rather than becoming offended, David seemed happy to learn that so many others successfully quit, and that our church supported doing so. 

Beautiful Texas!
Tomorrow we drive into Dallas to send Elder Heward on his way. I do know my new companion's name! It is Elder Osborne (no guarantee on spelling though). 

Hearing from y'all about how the work is progressing in California is such sweet news. I have noticed that people take a while to join the Church.  They don't go from 0 to 60 in three weeks and they definitely do not flip a switch. Usually it takes time and patience to bring people to the fold of God, they must prepare themselves or allow themselves to be prepared before they keep commitments. Just as fruit ripens upon a tree, the children of God progress towards Him. And how sweet is the fruit! 

My dear family, I love you and pray for you. The Gospel blesses families and that's God's truth.

Elder Hunt

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