Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello's and Good-Bye's

July 28, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

On transfer day, Elder Heward made his last mission transfer.

Elder Hunt and Elder Heward

He is home now. At approximately 3:30pm on Wednesday, he touched down and met his dear family.  He was a good companion.

Elder Osborn, my new companion, has been in the mission field for eight months. He moved in from McKinney, TX which is similar to Frisco, TX where I served previously.  He is from Las Vegas. Here's a picture of us!

Elder Osborne and Elder Hunt
We got a bit lost in deep Anderson county visiting members of our congregation. I parked the car on the side of the road and when we looked up we were fifty feet from the mission boundary! It was a miracle that we did not accidentally leave our area!

After some good jokes about the mission boundary, I took this photo of Elder Osborn leaning against the "invisible wall" that prevents us from leaving the mission.

I have learned that attitude is what makes a difference in many things in life. On the mission it is the same situation. Some missionaries love their mission, while others carry the attitude of serving a prison sentence, struggling through it.  I personally can say I would not want to be anywhere else; this is the BEST decision I have yet made in my 19 years, four-something months upon this earth in this mortality. 

I am happy to share that David has come to church for the third time this past week. We don't know for sure, but suspect that there is some opposition going on. I thank God for the fulfilling spirit of the sacrament.  Other churches can copy a "spiritual-feel-good" feeling or a burning of the bosom, but they cannot copy the fulfilling power and wholesome feeling of being cleansed and spiritually fed.

Love y'all! 

-Elder Hunt

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