Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He is the Gift

December 2, 2014


Yesterday Elder Clark and I gave talks in sacrament meeting. Elder Clark spoke on Ammon, his motivations for serving and the service he rendered, and I spoke on the subject of "if ye are in the service of your fellow man ye are only in the service of your God." We both were a bit anxious on how we would do but are both very pleased with the addresses we gave. 

Thanksgiving was good.  We ate at the Georges with the Gages and the Hillmans joining us as well as even more people I couldn't quite all keep straight. (For Elder Clark and I, it was the first time really meeting some of these people.)  We are very blessed as missionaries because we had a few families ask if we had a place to eat and even the day of Thanksgiving we received two calls asking if we had been invited to a Thanksgiving meal. 

Life is great.  I'm still improving and having to improve especially in gratitude. Really gratitude is what defines our happiness. Bad things or great things can be going on, yet reagardless of it all our attitude will determine our joy. 

I thank God for the gift of His Son 2014ish years ago.  Especially I am grateful for the message that "He is the Gift."  There is a new video clip sharing the message that the first gift of Christmas was and is Jesus Christ Himself!  Y'all might already have heard about it.  If you want, you can see it on  Christmas.mormon.org or #sharethegift can get you to it.  Make sure you watch the video!!! It's awesome!!!!!

Love Y'all!
-Elder Hunt

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