Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"He is the Gift"

December 30, 2014

It was great to talk to y'all Christmas day!  It was an event which has come sooner than I thought. Thank you for the Christmas gifts- they were delightfully.. different.  Elder Witkowski is convinced that Japan is odd. 

Thank you for the camera.  I am trying this Wi-Fi magic out as I type. I sent a photo to your e-mail of Elder Witkowski in front of Henderson's big water tower (every city in East Texas has one, all with the city or town name on it!) 

Henderson took a dive with the temperatures about 38-45 deg during the day with almost constant precipitation of some sort or another. It seems to be warming up today though it is still cold and cloudy. Life is great. 

This past week Elder Witkowski and I were tracting, sharing the "He is the Gift" video and message. We met a young man, Kyllar, with whom we shared the message. He liked it so much he wanted to go door to door with us! Elder Witkowski and I, not quite sure what to do or say in that situation, decided we should be ok if he came with us for a short time. This turned out to be a blessing as Kyllar volunteered the use of his phone for showing the video. We were able to share the video with so many more people because of that! Then set return appointments with anyone who accepted.  We also helped two neighbor families rake up the leaves on their lawn. While he is out of town at the moment, we will be meeting again with Kyllar too. 


-Elder hunt

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