Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Powerful Lessons

March 30, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,
We have had quite a week.  Two main things have happened. 

First- we had an amazing training on planning and teaching. They had all the mission leadership go down to meet with two men from the missionary department who taught a new method of teaching/finding to us from the twelve. Apparently the bretheren really want missionaries to teach shorter, more powerful lessons and do less talking. We will go through and present a pamphlet asking questions, inviting people to read text boxes or paragraphs and have them do all the thinking and talking. We basically don't get in the Spirit's way of teaching and testifying. This isn't a complete overhaul of missionary work but is a new tool in our toolbox we can use to find and gather the elect. We have already seen an increase in receptiveness and others feeling the Spirit as we do this. 

Second - Unfortunately we have hit some roadbumps with the people we are teaching. Our dificulty is helping them to attend church. We had three families who said they would come yet not one person showed. So that is where we are at.
I love you guys. Have an awesome week!
Elder Graham Hunt

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