Monday, July 20, 2015

I love being with these two great Elders!

June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Much has come to pass. Tuesday, Elder Saxey and I came up for transfer
meeting. Neither of us were told to pack our bags- only show up. I suspected that we would be combined with another area- and become a threesome. Either Elder Anderson or Elder Garcia- but I didn't know which one. As it turned out we were placed with Elder Anderson, now making us three missionaries in the companionship. 

We now cover Coppell first ward, Coppell second ward, and the Lewisville second ward. On top of that- the Lord has blessed us with a car! While driving we have a pretty smooth setup- Elder Saxey carries the Lewisville phone, Elder Anderson carries the Coppell phone and they make and receive calls while I drive us to and from appointments.

On Sunday we have three wards to attend back to back to back and overlapping in their meeting times so we plan on splitting up and going on member exchanges for church! There is much more new than this, however. We became disciples in the digital age, now beginning to use iPads and other technology. 

Last Wednesday we had a meeting with President and Sister Taylor- they talked about how to use these technologies that the Lord has inspired for our benefit- to empower us rather than control us. To master it rather than become enslaved to it. 

A few things from all this over past weeks is: before using an iPad or computer have a specific reason and purpose for using it, as well as the amount of time you will spend. As companions we all know each other's passcode and we audit each other's devices at least weekly, going through all the apps and storage to ensure complete transparency. Nothing is private, nothing is secret or isolated. 

I love being with these two great Elders, we push each other to be better. I love serving the Lord in this capacity. I love that through Jesus Christ's atonement and infinite grace, I can be cleansed from sin that I may invite the Holy Spirit to abide with me. The Lord has never let such a plea go unanswered, and as long as I apply the principles of the Doctrine of Christ he always keeps his promise. 

The Lord expounds this principle in D&C 42:14-17. He tells us that as we speak by the Spirit we will speak that which is pleasing to Him. I am thankful for how I and others are changed through this. 

love y'all!
-Elder Hunt

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