Monday, July 20, 2015

Missionary Service to the Lord is not over...

July 20, 2015

This past week we coordinated with a brother Lloyd in the Lewisville 2nd ward. He home teaches the Bethea family, whose 9 year old daughter Terin is not baptized. We set a baptismal date with her. Terin herself chose the date of August 8!! 

The Voyles are progressing step by step.  Their baptismal date is set for the second of November and they are sending out wedding invites too! The mission has yearly goals, and where we were previously a bit behind we are picking up, breaking past some goals.  I feel happy. 

I am excited to see y'all! I am satisfied with my mission, but I must remember that my missionary service to the Lord is not over. I have a lifetime yet to continue in enduring for the sake of my Savior. I love y'all.

Rejoice with y'all in the flesh soon!

-Elder Hunt

I am happy!

July 13, 2015

Well, I don't really have any questions about Japan. I do have many questions for y'all, getting to know you once more. I will love seeing Japan. It is a wonderful and rare opportunity that most people will never get to have. 

I feel blessed, that the windows have opened up in heaven and poured out their abundance. The phrase "that there will not be room enough to receive it" painted the mental picture of how we receive all things from the Father, insomuch that we often miss the many miracles we recieve day to day, moment to moment. Even that the very fabric of the universe holds together and provides canvas for space and time and matter to be formed there on is miraculous. 

It has been wonderful to me that Christ chose me to represent him full time for two years. I am happy.

Love ya!
-Elder Hunt

Happy Birthday 'Murica!

July 6, 2015

Hey y'all!

I am sitting here watching Elder Saxey play a card game with a little kid as I type this. Every week on p-day we come to the stake center to play basketball, volleyball and other games. It is great fun and a good way to unwind after a week, especially Sunday, most of which is spent in meetings. I love my mission!

The fourth was good.  We originally had no real special plans but a less active family invited us over the day of for dinner of bratwursts and burgers! I am very grateful. In Coppell the 4th is celebrated similarly to RSM where everyone gathers together at the park for a fireworks show, they also had lots of food trucks and other fair booths. H
appy birthday 'Murcia.

Frankly I love how late it stays light out in this the "season of light". It makes our job easier- even possible. In the winter times I loathed how it would be pitch black at 6:00pm and people would always say to us "don't y'all think it's a little late to be out?" Our response: "Sir, it's only 7:00!". 

I am doing great. Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf, please know I pray for you.

Love ya!

-Elder Hunt

Tokyo Temple

June 29, 2015

Dear Family,

I have been really excited to visit the Tokyo temple with y'all. It is the first thing I would like to do with y'all when we reunite. Perhaps we can do some temple baptisms as our family if that is possible? I am glad you are doing well, honestly I can't wait to get to know you again. Emailing has never felt right, there is nothing to replace person-to-person contact. 

Tokyo Temple

I love you!  Thank you for praying for me. Know that you are in mine.

-Elder Hunt


June 22, 2015

I love you guys! 

I love my companions, they are so great, improving and progressing day by day week by week. I love my district, they are so obedient. I love the new missionaries, the young missionaries- they are so prepared so ready, and don't have any issues upon coming out. I love the old missionaries, they draw upon their experience to help others. 

I love my savior, because he first loved me and served me. He has pulled me out of the mires of sin and darkness. He has blessed me with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He has provided me a way that I might merit that gift at all times. I am thankful to God for all these, and I thank my Father that y'all are my family.

Love ya!

-Elder Hunt

I love being with these two great Elders!

June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Much has come to pass. Tuesday, Elder Saxey and I came up for transfer
meeting. Neither of us were told to pack our bags- only show up. I suspected that we would be combined with another area- and become a threesome. Either Elder Anderson or Elder Garcia- but I didn't know which one. As it turned out we were placed with Elder Anderson, now making us three missionaries in the companionship. 

We now cover Coppell first ward, Coppell second ward, and the Lewisville second ward. On top of that- the Lord has blessed us with a car! While driving we have a pretty smooth setup- Elder Saxey carries the Lewisville phone, Elder Anderson carries the Coppell phone and they make and receive calls while I drive us to and from appointments.

On Sunday we have three wards to attend back to back to back and overlapping in their meeting times so we plan on splitting up and going on member exchanges for church! There is much more new than this, however. We became disciples in the digital age, now beginning to use iPads and other technology. 

Last Wednesday we had a meeting with President and Sister Taylor- they talked about how to use these technologies that the Lord has inspired for our benefit- to empower us rather than control us. To master it rather than become enslaved to it. 

A few things from all this over past weeks is: before using an iPad or computer have a specific reason and purpose for using it, as well as the amount of time you will spend. As companions we all know each other's passcode and we audit each other's devices at least weekly, going through all the apps and storage to ensure complete transparency. Nothing is private, nothing is secret or isolated. 

I love being with these two great Elders, we push each other to be better. I love serving the Lord in this capacity. I love that through Jesus Christ's atonement and infinite grace, I can be cleansed from sin that I may invite the Holy Spirit to abide with me. The Lord has never let such a plea go unanswered, and as long as I apply the principles of the Doctrine of Christ he always keeps his promise. 

The Lord expounds this principle in D&C 42:14-17. He tells us that as we speak by the Spirit we will speak that which is pleasing to Him. I am thankful for how I and others are changed through this. 

love y'all!
-Elder Hunt

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Companions!

June 8, 2015


So I found out today that one of my previous companions had to go home. He had some health issues that couldn't be treated out here. Today we got transfer calls, neither Elder Saxey nor I am being moved out of Lewisville 2nd ward yet we were asked to come to transfer meeting tomorrow. We suspect we will be combined with another area in the zone and be in a trio (three companions, us plus another elder) for the next 6 weeks. We will find out tomorrow. 

This is Graham with Elder Saxey on the left and Elder Anderson in the middle.  This is the new three some!
The whole mission is downsizing, with many missionaries leaving during the past three months and the next three months. A spanish speaking companionship that lived just down the street that we work closely with is in the same boat as us. 

A week ago we had a whole-mission training. The brethren have determined that our mission will use ipads in our proselyting efforts so we had training not about using the ipads, but on the gospel - living obediently, using technology to empower us and not control us. It was an excellent training given by Elder Nielson of the Seventy and Elder Wells. 

After the training, we had a mission-wide 5k run. I was just hoping to do decently given how little training I had been able to do. I ended up doing fine, Elder Sorensen, Elder Witkowski (two of my previous companions!) and I ran in a pack for a while till Elder Sorensen pulled ahead, Elder Witkowski fell a bit behind and I was left to chase Elder Sorensen, who finished a bit ahead of me. We did exceedingly well and I was pleased enough with how I ran (though by Trabuco Hills XC standards we were still awfully slow). It has been warming up here in Dallas.  The constant rains and storms have ceased and we now enjoy slowly climbing temperatures, this week rising from low 90s to mid to high 90s, not quite hitting that 100 mark yet. 


Well, that's a bit of what's going on. Hope y'all are staying strong.

I love you.
I love you.

-Elder Hunt