Friday, August 23, 2013

Fond Family Memories

August 3, 2013

My dearest Madre, I love you. I have realized since leaving that our home was a mini heaven. It was peaceful and happy and we lived with joy. Thank you for making our home Celestial. However I have no feelings of homesickness. I thought without doubt I would struggle with that, but I have been blessed so that I can concentrate on learning as much as possible. 

You have said a couple times I was in "spiritual boot camp."  I would not really describe it like that.  Instead, the MTC has been like a firehose of information and spiritual learning. I have wrapped my mouth around the spout and poured it all down my throat. There is so much to say about the MTC,  I cannot write about all the things that I am learning and experiencing.  I now kind of understand when they write in the scriptures that they could not write all things that were said. 

My dearest Fadre, While here in the MTC, I have realized how well I have been prepared for this. Our home was truly a Mini MTC.  Although I went to mission prep classes during high school, the real mission prep began at a younger age when you taught me obediance. You taught me about God's love for His children by your actions and the way you lived. 

I have greater respect for you and Madre.  People are not used to living 24/7 with another person and you can see it in how some companionships are breaking down. I have great respect for you and Madre's one-ness of heart.

My family I love you all so much. You have been a blessing in my life and a glimpse into the Celestial kingdom I strive to enter into. 

Your son and brother, Graham

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