Monday, August 26, 2013


August 6, 2013

Wahw!!  There is no adequate one word summary of this my first day in the field, so I made one up.  My companion is Elder Findlay and we are in Dallas suburbs.  It is much like California except more hot and humid.  I am near one of the wealthiest parts of Dallas.  Some of the houses are HUGE.  I get to be on a bike and you sweat soooo much!

Today Elder Findlay and I taught a recent convert family.  We met with the Ward Mission Leader and he is an awesome man who has served in mission presidencies before.  He is going to push me to get to a higher level of teaching.  He also took us out for dinner - fried rice and stir fry.  Wow, is Texas food good!  Apparently, Texas Dallas Mission is a "40 pound mission" so I'll definitely gain weight!!

I love you and hope you are doing well.  God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Hunt

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