Friday, December 27, 2013

1,000 Turkeys

November 25, 2013

This week was amazing.  We lost all our investigators Thursday morning, with our last one dropping us.  We then had an appointment with George, a guy we talked to several days ago.  He took us to lunch and we talked about many things.  He had stage four liver cancer a year ago and by miraculous means we cured of it.  His body responded to treatment so well, that the doctors told him that is was not their efforts that were healing him but another power.  Our conversation flowed into the restoration of the Gospel and we related it to his life experiences.  We told him of the and testified about the Book of Mormon.  He seemed very interested in the Book of Mormon and said he was going buy one!  We quickly shared that we had one to give him.

That is not all.  Sam pulled over as we were tracking and asked us if we were Mormon missionaries.  We affirmed we were.  He said that we had talked to his son the day before and wanted us to come and visit him the next day.  The next day we met with Sam and he told us that he had read the Book of Mormon, knew it was true and asked us what was the next step he could take!!

Karl's baptism was last Saturday and I am so sorry I have not been able to send pictures yet.  We have had numerous p-day complications and neither Elder Kowalis nor I have our cameras with us now.

The weather over the past few days is bipolar with a dash of insanity.  It is in the 40's with much wind and rain.  If it isn't raining, it is wickedly humid which means that when the wind barely puffs at you it goes right to your bones.  We don't get snow - nice, fluffily docile snow...instead we get freezing rain!!

On Friday and Saturday, we did service at a food pantry.  They were giving frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving! Those also happened to be the most extreme days for the weather.  We unloaded the turkeys from the back of a freezer truck and we had not a glove between us elders.  Someone offered me a pair but they were too small and my hands were too wet/cold to put them on.  This weather was so bad that it was warmer to be in freezer truck than to be out of it!  All our pain did accomplish  amazing things. Being strong young men, we could work stronger and harder than anyone and we unloaded approximately 1,000 turkeys ranging from 35 pounders to ones the size of my fist.  (Yup, didn't give those away.)  The most amazing thing to me was that my strength was increased.  The Lord gave us energy to finish the job - well.  People noticed.

Well, I love y'all.  Stay strong in the way of the Lord for me!

Elder Hunt

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