Friday, December 27, 2013

The Great, The Grand, One Part of Sixth

November 21, 2013

Madre,  I'll be home before you know it!  Let the realization hit your head, permeate your personage because Elder Hunt is already one-sixth complete with his mission in serving the Lord.  Time is really flying by now, it is somewhat alarming.  I'ld lose track of days if I didn't have my planner.

Guess what?  On the 23rd of November, Karl gets baptized!!!!!  I'll send some pics via email so y'all can see it!  Elder Kowalis and I are getting along well.  We did a 75 hour week a couple of weeks back, but I forgot to mention it to y'all.  While still slow, the work is quickening its pace here.  I am a better missionary everyday.  There is plenty to master and skills to improve!

The whole minivan debacle is hilarious!  Much amusement and enjoyment out of that one!  I have read it over several times now.  (Our minivan, nicknamed the "white manatee" by Graham, finally had died.  To replace it, we purchased a Honda Fit that is also white.  Parked in the same spot in the garage, it looked like the "white manatee" had gone on a serious diet!)

I hope the family is doing well, extended and all.

Love, Elder Hunt

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