Friday, December 27, 2013


November 18, 2013

Yesterday was a SUPER day at church!  Elder Kowalis and I have been working with the members of our ward to help them invite their friends to church.  Two people, a young man and a young woman were at church today invited by the youth in the ward.  What is more, a certain Brother Harris who has been inactive for some time (with whom we missionaries are good friends) came to church as well!  With his wife!!  I am really beginning to learn that the key to success is through members.  We are blessed with people to teach, friends gain spiritual truths and a chance to accept the gospel, and the members receive the blessing of being joined by their friends.  I think of Alma from the Book of Mormon, who did not have success until he joined with Amulek, a local man in the community whose testimony strengthened the message.

(Elder Hunt is 3rd from the left and Elder Kowalis is 4th from the left.)

Elder Hunt

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