Friday, December 27, 2013

Feasting on the Word of God

November 27, 2013

I just received your package and am sitting here with a warm cup of peppermint herbal tea and I thought I would write y'all a letter with this brand spankin' new letter material!  Elder Kowalis and I loved this package, thank you for including him.

How did you get the Auzzie candy??? It was a treat to get it!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the Auzzie candy.  Please tell whoever sent that all over thanks on my behalf.  Tell the family down under Hi for me!

It has been quite chilly here.  Our heater in our apartment is broken, so we turn the stove top to high heat is we want to warm ourselves.  Because it has been so cold lately, I have resorted to putting on my bed my coat, towels and windbreaker/jacket to ward off the chill.  Last night, though, the wife of the Bishop of our ward lent me some blankets and I slept very warmly!!  It is amazing to see how much the Lord provides for me as a missionary.  That was yet another instance of blessing.

I have been feasting on the Doctrine and Covenants, eating something like unto 15 sections a day! Delicious!! Hope y'all feast well upon Turkey Day, the Day of Thanksgiving!

Elder Hunt

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