Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-it Note Nativity

December 2, 2013

The package was delightful, but something was missing.  A nativity!  So I made one by rolling up post-it notes and drawing on them - Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

However, the next day they unstuck and unrolled );  The tree also tilted over, so it was a fixable but rather dismal scene...

I had Thanksgiving with a family in the ward, the Bernfelds.  They are a younger couple and they have a two year old daughter.  They also had another family over, the Masons.  They have a five year old daughter, a three year old son, and a BIG baby boy!  As per tradition in the home of the Bernfelds, they choose one person every year to eat the leg.  They chose me and I chowed down on it hard.  I cleaned it to the bond, all that delicious dark meat!  Sister Bernfeld said that she had never seen anyone clean the turkey leg like I did.  Oh - I ate soooo much!

I love y'all, I pray for y'all, stay strong!

Elder Hunt

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